In a few words, alphabetized:

Actively curious LDS. Anglophile. BYU grad in permanent exile. Companion to some of my husband’s horseback adventures. Health enthusiast: clean food and daily fitness. Momwifegrandmajuju. Northern California native. Professor of creative writing (Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah). Redhead. Reader. Runner. University of Utah alum. Writer.

What this website is not, unalphabetized:

A portfolio. An exhibition. A lifestyle blog. A catalog. A polemic. A magazine. A Table of Contents. A recipe book.

Maybe what it is is a resting place. If you’re curious about Pigs When They Straddle the Air, and if that curiosity leads you to wonder a little about fiction and Mormonism, or fiction and women, or varieties of healing (from nature to the supernatural, as Scott Abbott puts it in his review), or writing in general—then here is a place you can come. I’ll keep an irregular blog. I’ll post reviews of the book. I’ll add bits and bobs about other work I’m doing. Mostly, though, I wanted to share answers to questions some of my readers have asked, and welcome you to my world. Most of the images are from my sabbatical trip to Ireland. I’ll add more as they seem appropriate. Do contact me. I’d love to hear from you.