Most of the main characters are women. So when I asked my good friend the artist Corinne Geertsen—who lives in Mesa and whose work and philosophy are online at –when I asked her if I could use one of her images as the cover of my book, the leaping polka-dotted pig she first produced was just a little too whimsical for the tone of the book. When that didn't quite suit me, she came up with the image that is now on the front cover. She's made quite a name for herself developing such images as that one from old photographs (some from her own family history, some from archives she’s dived into all over the country) that she then photoshops into "psychologically quirky" narrative images. Because the women in my stories see into other realms, or want to, I thought this image--of a woman with her head in the clouds--could be said to represent one of the themes of the book, about women seeking answers to difficult but unavoidable questions. The back of the book is now an army of pigs flying through the air, rather faint and minimized underneath the copy on the back cover about the book. And the front is as you see it. I think it's enormously cool.