The Book of Contested Visions

A novel in progress, a “novel of Blake and Yeats.” It started out—as I think many novels do--as a question: what if William Blake were to look at his marriage to Catherine from a twenty-first century perspective? How would he judge himself as a husband now? 

And what if he could meet William Butler Yeats, who prepared an edition of his works and who helped bring Blake to the public eye a hundred years after Blake’s death?

And what if Yeats knew who Blake was, and what if they lived in the same twenty-first century moment together, fully conscious of their karmic status, and what if they worked in full awareness together to promote their mutual agendas in the bringing together of the unseen with the material world?

The novel is in the second draft stage. Thanks go to Sue Booth-Forbes, whose insight, during my stay at her beautiful Anam Cara retreat in October 2015 as part of my sabbatical from UVU, turned a very messy hodgepodge into a coherent narrative; and to NaNoWriMo, the program that enabled me to flesh out that coherent narrative into an actual first draft.

The second draft will take many months. I won’t show the entire novel to anyone until the third draft is ready, perhaps in the summer of 2017.

More about characters, plot, and so forth—maybe even an excerpt or two—is forthcoming.